Alena Wagnerová


–    made her studies at School of Art Industries in Bratislava
–    received training of art therapy by Prof. J.Šicková-Fabrici in Terra Therapeutica Center

She is developing her artistic talents simultaneously as:
–    an artist
–    an illustrator
–    an art therapist (art workshops)

She is known for fragile visual expressions not only in the field of children’s illustrations but also among admirers of lyrical meditative paintings.

The unifying principle in her works and in her workshops dedicated to women and children is to spread well-being and spiritual regeneration in order to create protection against stress and aggression which come from the outer world.

There are several techniques dominating in Alena Wagnerová’s free artwork: the aquarelle technique because of its distinctive appealing features connecting purpose and coincidence and also the techniques of oil painting and dry pastel. She paints on stones with a special technique and in her latest works she is also exploring possibilities offered by encaustic painting (painting with wax).
Her current pieces of art are called “gardens“. In the pieces she explores a world full of colors and fantasy, where the dominant role is played by women’s beauty and by the woman as such, the woman full of emotional images, desires and dreams.

A sudden interest in the woman enters the space of widely perceived garden represented by the sky as well as by the earthly and the water world.  In the Gardens she explores her dreams, stories and desires. These pieces are a fantastical synthesis of woman and nature speaking its own language of symbols. The poetic visual imagination is enriched by a unique atmosphere of artistic stylizaton and light impressions while revealing woman‘s intimate feelings towards the landscape and her garden, which is full of colors and light within immense modifications of seasons and weather. This is the reason why Alena‘s paintings are so vibrant and soft, exactly as her sense for beauty and poignancy of the motive.

Alena presents her work at various collective and individual exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad as well.

The most important of them are:

–    Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava, Croatia
–    she participated at exhibitions of children’s illustrations in Japan, Norway and Poland
–    In 2000 and 2013, she presented her original illustrations in Slovakia at the exhibition called Strapoškove farbičky (Strapoško’s pencils)
–    on the whole, she illustrated 20 children’s book titles: the collection of poems Moje srdce má prázdniny (My heart is on holiday) by the poet Ľubica Kepštová, The ABC’s book, The Textbook for pupils of the 1st year of primary schools and various illustrations published in children’s magazines (Slniečko, Včielka or Adamko)